Festival Recap Report

Hanover Harvest Festival - creating a sense of community by bridging the best of the past with a vision for the future. 

Thank YOU for helping to make the 18th Annual Hanover Harvest Festival such a great success!
Please take a few minutes to provide us with a quick recap of what happened at your event. This information will help us as we plan for next year.

the 19th Annual Hanover Harvest Festival will be  held on Saturday, August 3, 2024

A Volunteer appreciation meeting invite will be sent soon.
We will also have a brief festival recap at this meeting.
with thanks from  Harvest Festival President  Jackie Heinz & Vice President Jason Doboszenski

Coordinator Recap

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If you prefer, you can send a recap by email to

Event Activity Name Event/Activity Highlights Event/Activity Opportunity for Improvement Event/Activity Ideas Festival Ideas Financial/Attendance Recap Are you interested in continuing as Coordinator for this event/activity for 2024? Coordinator Name Coordinator E-mail Message to President & Vice President Submit