Hanover Harvest Festival

2024 will mark the 19th annual Harvest Festival celebration.

But did you know that the origins of today's festival came from events put together by a group of dedicated citizens known as the "Family Council" in the late 1990's?

The Hanover Harvest Festival as we know it today was inspired by the efforts of members of the Family Council Committee - assembled in 1997.

The first event , "Harvest Fest", was held on October 18-19, 1997. It featured a Pancake Breakfast, Craft Show & a "Candlelight and Cider Hayride" event.

In 1998, the Festival took on some more carnival-like events - Merry Go Round, Dunk Tank Moon Walk and Miniature Golf. This event was held on July 12th.

Hanover Harvest Festival

The Hanover Harvest Festival was re-started in 2005. This treasured yearly event continues to go on due to the efforts of active and dedicated volunteers within our community!


Hanover history

Hanover is a unique community with a history dating back to the mid 1800's.

In 1856, two years prior to Minnesota statehood, two adventurous brothers - Jacob and William Vollbrecht - bid farewell to their Hannover, Germany town in search of a better life. They migrated separately to America. Jacob arrived in Wright County first, and homesteaded 160 acres on both sides of the Crow River (Hennepin and Wright counties).

Early records indicate that our small community was first known as Vollbrecht Mills, and not officially named Hanover until 1891 when the town was incorporated. Vollbrecht selected the name in commemoration of his German birthplace. At the time of incorporation, Hanover had 206 residents - mostly German Lutherans.

Milling was the original town industry, supported of course, through local crop farming. The Vollbrecht brothers built the first flour mill along the Crow River and the historic Pratt 'Through Truss Iron Pedestrian' Bridge, which was erected in 1885 (the bridge is currently the 3rd oldest in MN)

The first businesses in Hanover in the early 1900s included: Hanover Roller Mills, Saenger’s Blacksmith Shop, Wagon and Carriage Shop, the sawmill, Nicholas Borscheid’s Blacksmith Shop, the Vollbrecht Hardware Store, Haefer Saloon, the Greenwood House (former Hilltop Bar), Louis Strunk’s Meat market, Strunk’s Saloon (now the River Inn), Hanover Creamery and the Hanover State Bank

“Hanover may not have swelled its borders or evolved into a large booming town on the prairie, and although there are few original structures remaining, she does have plenty of cultural resources worthy of preservation packed within her slim frame. Counted among these riches are many of the first heritage farmlands, wetlands and open spaces, the Crow River with its iron truss bridge, architectural craftsmanship featuring interior and exterior facades, events and livelihoods of significant persons associated with her history, and a varied legacy of educational/cultural artifacts and testimony.”

excerpt from “Safe from the Outside World: A Social History of Hanover, Minnesota” by Mary Coons

check out the Hanover Historical Society for more information about the history of Hanover, MN

Hanover Historical Society